Personnel services

CCK Ingenieurbüro GmbH offers personnel services within the framework of temporary-employment agency work. CCK has the permission of temporary-employment agency work issued by the regional management Niedersachsen/Bremen.


Advantage for your company:

  • You can react flexibly to changing personnel requirements.
  • You save time and costs for personnel search, personnel selection and setup.
  • You will be billed exclusively for the actual working hours.
  • You can reduce overtime and so relieve your own employees.
  • You can implement innovations and new projects which would not be possible without flexible staff deployment.


On-Site Management

Personnel services are increasingly being implemented through an on-site management system.

It is a precursor to outsourcing and combines all the advantages of temporary work. Your additional advantage: You only have only one contact person, who supplies e.g. in the case of complete organizational and administrative processing etc.