Digital Radiogrphy

The radiographic testing will be used to find volume inhomogeneities.

Using gamma-rays for thick-walled components or x-rays for the thin-walled you can find volume inhomogeneities like porosities and slags for example. The rays interfuse the test body und create, depending on intensity, a picture on the deposited film. This film can now be evaluated for inhomogeneities.

Digital Radiography

The digital radiography from CCK is movable with 5 systems on laboratory vehicles for testing at your location.
In addition to DR-Weldtesting we are also specialised onto:

Pe Testing

Wire Testing

Casting Testing


Shadow REcording

Irradiation with:

- Selen 75
- Iridium 192
- Röntgenröhren bis 300KV
- Akkuröhren bis 160KV

Irradiation on

- Digitale Folien
- Detektor
- Film auf Anfragen